Merseyside Postcodes Where House Prices are in Decline

Jan 12, 2023 | Real Estate | 0 comments

House prices in Merseyside have been on the rise for several years, with many areas of the region seeing significant increases. However, some postcodes are bucking this trend and experiencing a fall in house prices. In this blog post, we will explore the Merseyside postcodes where house prices are falling the fastest.

The L13 Postcode is Located in Liverpool’s Clubmoor District
The L13 postcode is located in Liverpool’s Clubmoor district and has seen some of the biggest drops in house prices over recent years. According to data from Zoopla, house prices have fallen by 7.9% since 2015, while average sale prices are now around £129,000 compared to £134,800 five years ago. This drop has been attributed to a drop in demand for properties due to local regeneration and redevelopment projects that have had an impact on the area.

The CH45 Postcode is Experiencing a Significant Drop in House Prices
The CH45 postcode covers parts of Wirral including Wallasey and Seacombe and has seen a 6.6% drop in house prices since 2015. Average sale prices are now around £121,000 compared to £130,400 five years ago. This decrease can be attributed to an increase in new-build developments which have created more supply than demand for housing in this area.

The L1 Postcode Has Seen a Smaller Decrease Than Other Areas
In comparison to other areas of Merseyside such as Clubmoor and Wallasey/Seacombe, the L1 postcode has seen a much smaller decrease in house prices over recent years. Average sale prices are currently around £138,500 compared to £140,700 five years ago; representing just 1.6% fall since 2015. This is likely due to its popularity among first-time buyers who are attracted by its city centre location and easy access to amenities like shops and restaurants.

As we can see from these figures, there are certain Merseyside postcodes where house prices are falling faster than others; particularly those located near regeneration or redevelopment projects such as Clubmoor (L13) or Wirral (CH45). However, other areas like Liverpool City Centre (L1) have seen smaller decreases over recent years due to increased demand from first-time buyers looking for city centre living with easy access to amenities and public transport links. For those looking for property investments or sales within Merseyside it is important to consider these figures when making decisions about where best place your money.

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